The clock is early 7AM. Its frosty and dark outside. French brft.infront of cartons. Good start on the morning. Later.. Heading to school in skinny jeans secondhand leopard jacket and highheels. My take away coffe is smoking in the icecold morning.

What a dream

To tired to function

Today i almost fainted. Havn't had time to eat and sleep. I'm still shaky.

Goodmorning. Today it's officially winter. Remember to switch the clock. Only like 7 weeks to Christmas and only 9 until Miami

add a pair of trashy tights.

Today i baked cinnamonbuns on my own , "proud" Cinnamon buns with icemilk!! mmm. already on my 6th bun , maybe slow down?


Sunday , i'm gonna wake up before 9AM , go buy morning coffe at a wnb starbucks café and make crosswords in the morning sun. hell yeah... now i'm gonna go buy some candy.


Nattkrubb. Pastasallad med champignioner. The hills på maraton och 0030 rullar SATC på. yeyy.

stay tuned.

coffe. blackberry.cigarrets. spa bubble water. sugar donats and croissants with straw. jelly


happy autumn-holiday!!


Sleepwalking, bathing in school crap and eating wnb healthy food. yey. I'm not dead.

BRB. Babies whatsup?

party like a rockstar look like a moviestar play like an all-star f*ck like a pornstar

I would really want to look like this today. Party plans! pic: angie baby.
sorry for bad update. I'm sleepwalking all time. have a wonderful saturday

There are no words to explain how much i love you , how much i admire you and how much i thank you for everything you've done for me . I wish u a fabulous birthday. kisses

congratulation mommy !!



2125 PM

I'm fur sick.

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. ” –Gore Vidal




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