Today it's girlsnightout. Have a great saturD.

Fashion Week (those m.b.marc jacob shoes!!)

1# Erin Wasson.

Isabelle Mcnally

I don't give a shit if this amazing blazer has been up on several blogs... it's just crazzzy perfect. By Mr Wang. Now: vogue&icecream


love is damn the most beautiful thing alive..

saturday night fever, pizza&bf

fakefurs trashy tights and take away coffe

cozy friday eve. gossip girl, b&j and luxury ++

harley wiera newton

Dear Nike. moments with tea and bob dylan

u all have a great saturday!

tfs. isabelle mcnally with company

toasted bagels with cream cheese (my drug now days) and some the city catching up. btw sorry for bad update, but still jetlagd and dead busy..stay tuned for better soon. photo: tfs

Jet-lagged and shaky-tired. Yepp, i'm home.. and i hate it. Florida was way much better. I was born in the wrong country, for sure. More florida-updates tomorrow. Now,Sleep tight

-- Palm Beach, here i come. 4th-13th. yey Let's have a Question time while i'm gone.. Bomb me. Now i'm off. Take Care. love ++

Happy 2oo9!! Any new-year promises? now i'm gonna sleep. to the sounds of fireworks..

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