God i really miss usa..the food, the people, the shopping, the weather, the beach. everything. best time ever
now i'm dead tired so it's time to meet up mr bed. tomorrow it's school and then noodles and movie at heidis


dirty jeansjacket

today i ate mc donalds take away on a shopping mall roof with my girls. then we drove around in my friend kiras car without any roof. it felt like summer. now i have to write a swedish essay for school. ewww.


hello georgeous bitches! now i'm off for my bbq party! have a wonderful saturday whatever you do xx


shirt h&m

Valentine Fillol Cordier

planer: imorgon skall jag göra stan. köpa nya kläder och äta lunch i den underbart varma vårsolen med sofia+
                                              och på lördag blir det stor grillkväll hos mig med fint folk.


un favori-emma nygren

söndag. har dansat till soulja boy donk typ hela dagen lång. åkt omkring på mopeden i flera timmar. ätit way too much pommes.(magen ser ut som en ballong) spenderat timmar i solen med mina vänner. nu- sängen


nattkrubbar god pasta sallad med mozarella. fast magen redan är äckligt mätt efter all pizza jag tryckt i mig.. skall snart först skall jag lyssna på underbara chad doucette.. han ger mig gåhud. oooohh. nighty!

Quick update

I had a really nice birthday yesterday. many surprises, hugs and much food. The evening unfortunately ended in tears, but no need to get into that. btw thank you so much for all your lovely congratulations! xx

I'm 17 years old now, bitcheeees



i really need a new black blazer. i would like one in blue and beige also.-- secondhand stores next


yesterday's party was pretty lame so me and my crazy friends decided us for night hotdogs at a gas station instead. when the clock was 1.30am, me and my bestfriend started to wobble home 9km with our bikes. ufff i wouldn't really recommend that to anyone.. it was cold and tough.. tonight: pizza&movie with friends++

saturday 11th

i'm dead tired. -- bed next. tomorrow me and my fav. girls are gonna enjoy the lovely spring weather with pastasalad on my balcony.. and later we're off for a big black and white party at marias. you all  take care.


i really want to have a tanktop with large armpits. damn it looks good with a patterned bra under++

two colored

äntligen påsklov!! nu skall jag ut i solen och läsa nya elle. och på kvällen blir det mexikanskt krubb hos heidi


guys.. i don't feel like blogging right now. my inspiration is gone. so now... tell me what u want to see more and less of? what you hate and love about my blog? and so on. everything goes.  i'm back soon i promise

LA here i come

omg i can't explain how excited i am. i just found out that i might get to go to LA in the summer for 3 weeks
      3weeks in LA with my two best friends.. what could be better than that ? now i just have to pray

favorite girl on the cobrasnake

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