Dec. 1, 2009

What is your middle name? sophie How big is your bed? not big enough What are you listening to right now?tik tok acoustic cover How is the weather right now? black and rainy? Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? kira The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? clothes, hair and eyes Favorite type of Food? chinese& pasta Do you want children? later in life Hair color? blond Do you wear contacts? no Favorite holiday? dunno, all holidays? Favorite Season? late spring, summer, warm fall Have you ever cried over a love lost? no Last Movie you watched?slumdog millionaire What books are you reading? school books Piercings? earrings Favorite Movie?the hangover!! Favorite book? God i hate that question. I hate books! What were you doing before filling this out? eating food Favorite animal? dogs Favorite drink? coke zero ofc! Favorite flower? dunno. roses? Have you ever loved someone? yes Who would you like to see right now? tessa What color are your bedroom walls?white and red Have you ever fired a gun? maybe in my dreams.. Do you like to travel by plane? no Right handed or Left- handed? righty If you could go to any place right now where would you go? to miami! Are you missing someone? oh yes Do you have a tattoo? nope but hopefully soon. I'm planning! Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings? i'm sleeping Are you hiding something from someone right now? yes a suprise Are you 18?few months left What is the wallpaper on your cellphone? a ugly horse or something Are you afraid of the dark?sometimes Favorite hangout: partyyy 3 things you can't live without? friends, coke zero, computer Favorite songs?i'm not even getting into that. haha What are you afraid of? birds Are you a giver or a taker? actually i love to give! What are your nicknames? anttu What is your dad's middle name? erik What do you sleep in? undies and tshirt Stuck on a deserted island, and can only bring one thing? my ipod Favorite TV commercial? i never look at tv First thing you'll save in a fire? not my mobile! i want a new one so I would leave it.. so my ipod! What is your favorite color? black What are the things you always bring with you? phone, ipod!! buscard and keys. What did you want to be when you were a kid? model What do you usually do when the alarm turns on? first i get excited? then scared What color is your bedsheet? white Who do you want to meet? tessa at the moment What do you think about before you go to bed? my life Do you smile often? yes Do you wish on stars? sometimes Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? no When did you last cry? 2days ago. happy tears Do you like your handwriting? absolutely hate it! Whose bed did you sleep in last night? my own bed What color shirt are you wearing? nude colored I can't wait until? 12.12! Are you into anyone right now? maybe baby Who was the last person (besides you) in your room? Elli Have you ever had chicken pox? sounds lovely.. dunno what it is.. Is there someone you want to fight? ofc Song playing right now?toyfriend david guetta (partyyyyyyyy) What are you doing tomorrow? going to school Does anyone like you?  i really hope people like me What's annoying you right now? nothing Do you want to kiss any one right now? why not? Have you ever watched a movie drunk? south park with drunk boys What were you doing two hours ago? watching the hills Are you tired? not really. Who will you be with tonight? only me Who were you with today? nobody What will you do Sunday? sleep and eat what kinda cell company do you use? elisa Where were you at midnight on saturday? home, sick Are you married? no Have you been outside of the U.S.? yes, all the time actually The last comment you received was from? some lovely reader Do you wish on 11:11? yes! Do you wear any jewelry? rings What's one thing you want right now? money Current noise you hear? music Do you find yourself loved? yes Where is the weirdest place you have slept? under a bed on suitcases on a island with 15 drunk teens What's the closest blue object to you? nailpolish What is your natural hair color? blond How many times have you dyed your hair? few Have you done anything "wrong" lately? few things favorite subject? writing favorite teacher? my music teacher, he's so wierd.. i think he is from another planet? or something

Postat av: H

HAHAHA isto..

2009-12-01 @ 21:42:06
Postat av: antonia

H: isto is the shit!!

2009-12-01 @ 21:44:11
Postat av: me

chicken pox är vattkoppor! :)

2009-12-02 @ 13:45:01
Postat av: antonia

me: hahahhahha ojdå! :D

2009-12-02 @ 22:19:56
Postat av: Anonym

Beats by dre head beam stretching at the stainless steel,Beats By Dre Limited Edition.

2012-05-07 @ 09:24:43

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